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Our Story

Our Story
Welcome to Creative Product, Inc. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us!
Back in the late 1980’s, Robert Morse and his new bride, Sandra, had a simple dream of building a big future together. The dream was to create a family-friendly, local business with a focus on artwork that brings encouragement, laughter, and joy.
As most great achievements start with a small idea, small steps and a lot of determination, this dream started on the back of this young couple. It was hard, to say the least. Bob went from trade show to trade show, working long days and most weekends but that’s what it takes to make a dream work, and in the end, they knew it would be worth it.

As this dream began to weave it’s way into everyday life, expansion began. Now this dream was not just Bob and Sandie’s, but the many employees of Creative Products, Inc. Robert says,
 “The real source of our success has been our faith and the dedication of our employees! They are incredibly talented, gifted and dedicated people. They are our greatest asset and they amaze me with what they pull off all the time.”

Bob is the founder and CEO of Creative Products, Inc. Born and raised in Michigan, he has 3 daughters, Kristen, Laura, and Megan. His favorite things are traveling, hiking, and spending time with family.
Robert Morse
CEO and Founder
Kim has been a part of Creative Products for the last 13 years. She is one of our incredible employees who make this company run. She oversees all the daily operations. She is married to Jeff, and has 3 sons. When she’s not on the clock, you can find her at their cottage.
Kim Dunn
Senior Vice President
Jeff has been a part of Creative for many years and is our point person when it comes to all things warehouse. Between product schedules, machine maintenance, and inventory control, Jeff can be found water skiing with his wife, Kim, and their three sons
Jeff Dunn
Director of Warehouse Operations
Sandie has been a part of creative since day one. She is in the office every weekday and plays a vital role in the companies success. She has three daughters and enjoys traveling and spending time with family.
Sandie Morse
Accounts Payable and Receivable